Saturday, 29 September 2012

Cute n Sassy Witch PTU

This tutorial was written for those
that have a working knowledge of PSP
This tutorial was written and created by me on 29th September 2012

supplies needed:
psp this tut was done in psp 8
font i used rat infested mailbox  and tube of choice
Im using the fantastic artwork of abbo art with a valid license 
go here  to purchase tubes and license
scrapkit is Cute n Sassy Witch by Black widow creationz   here

new image 600 x 600 
element 13 100% duplicate and mirror 
element 26 65%
element 29 20%
element 30%
element 4 90%
elem 8 25% apply gradient glow
element 9 40%
add drop shadows to each layer 
merge and resize 95% 
paper 4 75% apply wsl mask 218

add your name and copyright 
save as a jpeg or png 
hope you renjoyed the tutorial 
would love to see your results 

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