Monday, 12 November 2012

I Love Bugs FTU

SW_ilovebugs_mr4utag_rose.gif picture by MistressRose_album
This tutorial was written for those
that have a working knowledge of PSP
This tutorial was written and created by me on 20th March 2009

supplies needed:
psp this tut was done in psp 8
font i used send flowers  and tube of choice
Im using the fantastic artwork of suzanne woolcott a valid license
go to purchase tubes and license
Scrapkit is Buggylicious kit by Sky Scraps and purchased here

open new image 550 x 550
frame 2 70%  click inside frame paper 1 50%
wordart 1 60%
feuillage 2 60% duplicate and mirror
feuillage 1 40%
E1 80%
frog 1 30% and frog 4 25%
tulip 5, 6, 7 30% remove the stems
butterfly 5 20% rotate right 30
apply drop shadow to each layer
paper 8 70% apply wsl mask 99
WSL_Mask99.jpg picture by MistressRose_album

apply your name and copyright
merge flatten resize 90% duplicate so you have 2 layers
open AS and find your image
now copy and paste the butterfly , bug, bird  just right click and save to your comp as they are gifs place where you wish on the tag
bird5.gif image by MistressRose_album
pink-b.gif image by MistressRose_album
green-b.gif image by MistressRose_album
cyan-b.gif image by MistressRose_album
redbug.gif image by MistressRose_album
one of the ladybugs rotate right 30 
frame properties 20
save as a gif
hope you enjoyed the tutorial
look forward to seeing what you come up with .

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